Restoration Projects

The Michelotti Shellette

Chris found me by word of mouth, from another basketmaker.  He had purchased this 1969 Fiat Michelotti Shellette from its original owner and the back seat was in need of restoration.  The story is that the owner’s Great Dane dog stood in the back and eventually the woven material broke.


 It took us several months to identify the product and then make arrangements for Chris to remove the seat from the car so I could work on it.  In just a few weeks I finished the restoration so that Chris could put the car up at auction.





The Michelotti Shellette is the result of a collaboration between yacht designer Phillip Schell and famed automotive stylist Giovanni Michelotti. Michelotti was one of Italy’s most important and influential stylists, servicing Vignale, Maserati, Lancia, BMW and many others. Based on a Fiat 850, the Shellette has been substantially reworked to the point where it bears little resemblance to the Fiat. The styling is dramatic and aero, reflecting the design trends of the mid to late ’60s in Italy.

Now does this chair say “well loved or many hours of comfort”

Ian found this chair in the attic of his Grandmother’s home and remembered her stories of sitting on her Dad’s lap as he rocked her in the chair.  It’s obvious from the style/era that several attempts were made to  reseat the chair rather than discard it.  As a Christmas present he wanted it restored to it’s original beauty.  With the assistance of a seat weaving expert from NH, and 48 hours of labor, this is the finished product.

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Michael Hamel Project

Michael brought his family heirloom to me for restoration of the seat.  A very special piece he wanted to give back to his daughter for her new home.  Talk about a rewarding project.