Restoration Services

An old chair, footstool, canoe seat, or bench is something to be cherished. If it has its original bottom, you’re fortunate!

Finding an old chair with a well-used or missing bottom doesn’t mean the chair should be disposed of. Murray Hill Weaving offers restoration services on chair bottoms (seats), canoe seats, and furniture that will breathe new life into your cherished antiques.

We specialize in recreating patterns that match the era of the piece. There are many materials that can be used in seating and numerous patterns from which to choose.

All furniture taken in for restoration services must be in good condition (i.e., no loose joints or broken rungs) and completely finished or painted before weaving can begin. If your piece is in rough condition, Murray Hill Weaving can recommend a furniture restorer.

Your investment

The information printed below is to give you an estimate only for chair, footstool, canoe seat and bench repair.  Final pricing will be quoted when the chair is seen in person.  Each chair is unique and there are many choices of patterns and materials that must be factored into the final quote.  The price guidelines below are for seats only but if your piece needs the back woven, they are priced as if they were a seat.

All furniture must be in good condition (no loose joints or broken rungs) and completely finished or painted before weaving can begin.  If your piece is in rough condition, MHW can recommend a furniture restorer to you.

We specialize in being able to recreate a pattern, according to the era of the chair. There are many materials that can be used in seating and numerous patterns to choose from.  If you have a seat we can’t weave, we will find someone who can do it for you.  We do no painting, staining/finishing of the finished product but can refer you to experts to help with that process.


Caning prices vary according to the number of pre-drilled holes around the edge of the chair. The price is $1.50/hole, plus materials with the exception of a round seat which is $1.80/hole plus materials. The average chair has 80 holes and canoe seats have less.
Pressed Cane or Cane Webbing

Pressed cane is a single sheet of pre-woven material that is used when there is a groove around the seat as opposed to holes. Pressed cane is secured with spline or a thin strip of wood that is pushed into the groove. Web cane priced at $4.50 per inch x the widest point of the chair or canoe seat plus materials
Shaker Tape

Shaker tape is purchased from the same manufacturer that the Shaker’s used. It remains a high quality cotton product and comes in various colors and patterns of 5/8” and 1” widths. There is no additional fee for using two colors. Shaker tape weaving is priced at $4/inch x the longest rung of the chair, plus materials.
Splint Seats – Reed/Splint/Hickory/Binder Cane

Chairs and footstool woven with reed, ash, binder cane, or hickory bark are priced at $5.00 per inch at the widest rung of the seat plus materials. The materials fee is dependent on the product chosen.
Danish Cord, Seagrass, Rush, and Other Natural Fibers

These seats are $6.00 per inch at the longest rung of the chair plus materials.
Wicker Repair and Restoration

Wicker restorations, also referred to as rattan. No resin or plastic wicker is used. The fee for antique wicker restoration is $40 per hour, plus materials.