Shop - Tools of the Trade 2009Murray Hill Weaving offers a variety of classes in the fiber arts and hosts visiting artists who specialize in various weaving techniques and weaving-related disciplines, including basketry, garden structure building, bottoming, and wool spinning. Basketry classes include instruction in Nantucket, Shaker styles, Appalachians, Antler, Waxed Linen, Willow, and more.

Have an heirloom that you’d like to restore? Murray Hill Weaving offers workshops where you’re encouraged to bring along your antique piece and learn from the experts about proper restoration techniques.

Class sizes range from 2 to 10 people to ensure that you and your classmates receive the personalized instruction and attention you need to be successful.footstool

Interested in one-on-one instruction, private group classes, or learning about a specific  technique or style? Contact Jean Reed today to schedule your session at Murray Hill Weaving or request an event at a location near you.

Visit our event calendar to view upcoming classes in Hill, NH.

Furniture and Jewelry

ian_reseatingOn the Hill you’ll find an unusual line of rustic furniture made locally.  Some of the wood used to construct our unique chairs, footstools and weaver’s benches comes right off the beaver dams.  There is also a collection of miniature chairs and children’s seats that can be woven with an array of natural materials such as hickory bark, splint, Shaker tape, rush and seagrass.

Jean’s latest addition is the jewelry she creates on gourd shards and small pieces of driftwood. Using various fibers and waxed linen, intricate designs are woven. The resulting pieces are beautifully unusual and eclectic.